A well designed and
professionally installed
Ducted Air Conditioning System
can provide you with discreet, quiet, air conditioned comfort throughout your entire home or business premises.

Ducted Air Conditioning can be installed in both a new or an existing home or office.

Ducted air conditioners consist of 3 main components.

1. The outdoor unit (compressor and condenser) positioned in a discreet location outside.
2. An indoor unit installed within the ceiling cavity.
3. Flexible ducting to each required room also placed in the ceiling concealed out of sight

Additional components include the installation of ceiling or wall outlets, a return air grill and a wall mounted system control unit.

A well designed ducted system will efficiently cool one or many rooms in a house, business or shop to the desired temperature with zero noise.

AIR CONDITIONING BRISBANE ducted air conditioning brisbane

ducted air conditioning brisbane5th Star Air Conditioning have been supplying and installing quality ducted air conditioners for close to 10 years now and in the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of changes with home ducted air conditioning.

As experts in ducted air conditioning Brisbane south side, we’ve found that the major change has been the amount we now pay for electricity, and because of the high electricity prices 2 things have happened:

  • Air conditioners have become a lot more efficient with 90% of air conditioners now using digital inverter technology and a more efficient refrigerant.
  • Ducted air conditioning zoning control systems are now the most popular cost efficient option. This means instead of cooling or heating your whole house, you only cool or heat the rooms/zones you are using. For example if you are the only one home during the day and working in the office, you only turn the office on, if it’s a hot night and every bedroom is being used you can turn all the bedrooms on and set each bedroom to a desired temperature while turning off the system in the living spaces.

We Recommend Quality Brands That You Can Trust

AIR CONDITIONING BRISBANE ducted air conditioning brisbane
The good thing about air conditioning is that most people have heard of the quality brands, like Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Actron and Panasonic – these brands are the most efficient, reliable and trusted manufacturers on the market today.

ducted air conditioning brisbane 2We only use systems incorporating the most advanced ducting and zone control. This allows you to choose a perfect temperature for separate rooms and turn zones on or off as required.

We make sure we get it right, so for the best ducted air conditioning system to suit your needs, we make sure of the following:

  • Quality design
  • Quality brands-Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, and Actron
  • We only sell and install the best zone control systems on the market
  • Quality installations – Our experienced installation team take great pride in all their work that exceeds Australian Standards
  • We ensure we understand about our customers specific needs

We have an experienced design team that prides itself on efficiency, quietness and our understanding of what you want!

Our ducted air conditioning systems are so quiet “you won’t even know it’s on!”

AIR CONDITIONING BRISBANE ducted air conditioning brisbane
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